NY Bee Wellness Workshops
USDA NIFA Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Program, Grant # 2011-494400-30631
   -an educational nonprofit program to teach beekeepers honey bee disease recognition & to promote honey bee health
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Microscopy & Anatomy

Tracheal mites: view with compound microscope.- by C. Wahl Ph.D

A PDF on how to choose and use compound and dissection microscopes:
Basic Microscopy for Bee-Wellness Beekeepers

Christina Wahl, Ph.D., Wells College

Downloadable documents by C. Wahl, Ph.D :

* Microscopy Summary sheet- a 2 page outline of use and features of microscopes (PDF)

* Nosema & Tracheal Mite Presentation (PDF)
     (survey link for students of 10/26/13 workshop)

* Honeybee Anatomy- a 4 page breakdown of systems and organs of the honeybee (PDF)

* Full Color Honeybee Anatomy Poster 5.69MB